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We are the world leaders in prostate cancer treatment.

No one knows more about treating prostate cancer effectively—and no one has treated more patients with NanoKnife.


With specialist prostate cancer treatment clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and now in the USA, Vitus are the world leaders in prostate cancer treatment, offering patients hope, innovative treatment and impressive results.

Our track record of over 1000 successful IRE treatments clearly shows that no one knows more about NanoKnifethe most up-to-date treatment for prostate cancer.

Until recently we were known as The Prostate Center. We have chosen Vitus as our new name as we consolidate our position as a global centre of excellence for prostate cancer treatment, building on our years of experience and success.

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Our Centers Of Excellence

Vitus Prostate Center San Diego opened in 2017, inspired by the success of The Prostate Center, founded by Professor Michael K. Stehling in Offenbach am Main in Germany, in 2010. Professor Stehling’s inspiration for the Centers came from the realization that a paradigm shift was needed in the treatment of prostate cancer: away from traditional methods that were imprecise, and towards a new targeted, gentle procedure that would reduce side effects, such as impotence and incontinence.

The best expression of this paradigm shift is focal therapy with the NanoKnife, the most up-to-date treatment for prostate cancer, and one in which we are the world’s leading experts.


Four clinics worldwide


90-95% potency preservation


700+ NanoKnife treatments


100% continence preservation

Our success

Over the last seven years, more than 1000 people have been successfully treated at The Prostate Center. You can read some of our patientsown stories by simply scrolling down this page.

NanoKnife therapy has played a key part in these success stories. At the Vitus Prostate Center, you will also find experts of important disciplines such as urology, oncology, internal medicine, radiology, anesthesia and medical physics, all under one roof, all co-operating closely to provide the best outcomes for our patients.

Being both a physician and a physicist, our founder, Prof. Michael K. Stehling has been at the forefront of medical progress throughout his career. He was involved in advancing Magnetic Resonance Imaging as Research Assistant to Sir Peter Mansfield, Nobel Prize Laureate for Medicine in 2003. More recently he has worked with Prof. Boris Rubinsky in the development of electroporation-based treatments at the University of California in Berkeley.

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Our patients’ stories

"Look at the guidelines." These were the words my previous urologist said when I asked him about alternatives to prostatectomy, the only procedure he recommended after a diagnosis of prostate cancer in June 2016 (Gleason Score 7a, PSA 3.86, 2 of 12 punch biopsies positive). I was 49 years old at the time... MORE

W. from Hannover

Last week was November 2, 2017. Exactly five years ago, I got a diagnosis of prostate cancer in Vienna. And with it I got my urologist’s urgent recommendation to take “the high road”radical removal of the prostateto avoid a high risk of metastases, a matter of great concern for someone my age at the time: 46... MORE


In 2016 my prostate cancer was successfully treated at the Prostate Center in Offenbach, with IRE and without any side effects. I had decided to have this new treatment after my urologist in Berlin advised me to have a radical removal of my prostate, a suggestion I was not happy with... MORE

A patient from Berlin