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Prostate cancer treatment is different with Vitus.

When eliminating the tumor, we also eliminate the side effects.

NanoKnife - a revolution in prostate cancer treatment

Once diagnosed, people with prostate cancer are often faced with the decision to choose between surgical removal of the prostate and radiation, often without knowing the full facts about side effects or the real risk involved.

The most important thing we can say to you is this: don’t let yourself be rushed or put under pressure. Prostate cancer progresses slowly. Also, the traditional “radical” therapy (surgery and/or radiation) only adds a small amount to life expectancy for low-grade cancers—and probably for high-grade cancers too. It can also involve serious side effects: impotence in up to 70% of cases, incontinence in 20-50%.

Now, with Vitus, you can receive a more precisely targeted treatment that brings a significant reduction in side effects: NanoKnife.

Concerned about prostate cancer?
Like to know more about NanoKnife?

Talk to us. It may change your life

We strongly recommend that you find out as much as you can before deciding on which treatment you choose, because once you have started down a particular road, it can be difficult to go back.

After NanoKnife treatment, however, surgery and radiation therapy are still possible.


The NanoKnife IRE Soft Tissue Ablation System is a new treatment that uses IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) to destroy affected cells selectively, without damaging surrounding tissue. So, for the first time, prostate cancer can be treated without causing impotence or incontinence.* And with NanoKnife, there's no pain and no scars either.

Here at Vitus, we are proud of the pioneering work we have carried out with NanoKnife. We are the world’s leading experts in using NanoKnifeand in the treatment of prostate cancer.

*No incontinence in any of the patients we have treated with NanoKnife. No impotence in 90-95%.

Key features

  • One day procedure
  • No pain
  • No impotence*
  • No incontinence
  • No cuts or incisions
  • No aftercare required

*In most cases; approximately 90-95% of men we treated with NanoKnife remain potent.


90-95% potency preservation


100% continence preservation

Our process

1 - Diagnosis

Precise and reliable, new diagnostic procedures such as multi-parametric MRI and 3D mapping biopsy provide certainty for a therapy decision based on facts and not on assumptions, as has been the case up to now.

2 - Treatment

Targeted and gentle, NanoKnife is sure to replace traditional therapies in the foreseeable future. However, if NanoKnife treatment is impossible or not the best option, we will consult with you, develop the best treatment strategy for you, including all the latest technologies such as proton- or Lu-PSMA therapy, and accompany you throughout the process.

3 - Support

We never forget that each patient is an individual and we aim to give not only the best treatment outcome, but also the support afterwards. With follow-up multi-parametric MRI, blood evaluation and thorough consultations in our facilities, we make sure we address all the questions and needs a patient may have beyond the treatment.

1. Diagnosis
2. Treatment
3. Support

Videos on NanoKnife (IRE) for prostate cancer

Prof. Dr. Michael Stehling talks about the rationale and the advantages of using NanoKnife (IRE) for the treatment of prostate cancer.

NanoKnife (IRE) is the latest technology to treat prostate cancer. This short video demonstrates the out patient treatment of prostate cancer with NanoKnife (IRE).

Dr. Israel Barken independently reviewed our data and comments on the treatment of prostate cancer with NanoKnife (IRE).

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