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IRE treatment of recurrences

IRE treatment of recurrences after prostatectomy, radiation therapy or HIFU

Tumor recurrences, i.e. prostate cancers which grow back after the first treatment, are common. The recurrence rate after a radical prostatectomy (radical removal of the prostate) is over 30%. After radiation therapy or HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) the recurrence rates are even higher.

This fact seems to defy the notion held by most doctors and patients that, with the removal or destruction of the prostate, the cancer is completely removed from the body. This is not so, because tumor cells are always spread around the prostate and actually throughout the body, a fact attested by liquid biopsy, which can detect the circulating tumor cells in the blood of cancer patients.

Zoomed around 100x closer than above, a single migrating cancer cell.

For this reason, radiation is often used after a primary prostatectomy and also when recurrences appear. After primary radiation therapy or HIFU, a “salvage” prostatectomy can be attempted but due to scarring and tissue fragility, it involves even more side effects than the primary treatment.

enables treatment of even difficult recurrences with no limitation
IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) has opened up completely new possibilities for the treatment of prostate cancer recurrences. Due to its minimal invasiveness, use of NanoKnife is not limited by scarring and tissue fragility after radiation therapy. Even in difficult situations, therapy that retains both erectile function and continence is possible if these functions have not already been destroyed by the previous treatment.

It is no seldom occurrence that recurrences after primary operations, radiation or HIFU fuse with the rectum, bladder or intestinal loops because of adhesions (bands of scar tissue). In cases such as these, radiation or a salvage operation are often impossible. But even in such previously hopeless cases, we have been able to remove the carcinoma tissue without damaging essential organs using NanoKnife.

The leader in IRE treatment of prostate cancer recurrences and difficult cases
In order to effectively treat cancer recurrences, it is essential to determine their exact location using multimodal MRI examinations because after the previous primary treatment, the anatomical situation is no longer normal.

We have the most up-to-date imaging systems under one roof and can transfer diagnostic data from the MRI scanner to the operation room using our internal coordinate systems. This enables us to analyze even the most difficult anatomical situations exactly and take them into account when performing NanoKnife treatment. Thus, we can avoid the imprecision that is unavoidable when image data are processed in an external radiological practice.

Our results show that we are heading in the right direction. Let us advise you before you decide on a therapy that has far-reaching consequences for you.

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