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Participation in Multi-Center Register Study for IRE

Medical doctors and scientists at the Vitus Prostate Center in Frankfurt/Offenbach have been using Irreversible Electroporation (IRE; product name: NanoKnife®) for the treatment of prostate cancer in about 600 cases over the last 7 years. In close collaboration with the inventor of the IRE-technology, Prof. Boris Rubinsky from the University of California in Berkeley, the physicians and scientists of the Vitus Prostata Center in Frankfurt/Offenbach have acquired the most comprehensive knowledge of the biophysics, technology and clinical application of IRE and are currently the leaders in this field. For the purpose of a wider evaluation of this new and promising technology, Prof. de la Rosette from the University Hospital in Amsterdam has established a multi-center evaluation of IRE for the treatment of prostate cancer. The results from several centers in Europe using IRE for the treatment of prostate cancer will be collected centrally and the results evaluated. This data base will provide the basis for a statistical evaluation of the clinical results with the goal to establish IRE as a standard therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer. Since this month a data exchange for all patients agreeing for this are sent to the CROES registry. Since the Vitus Prostate Center Frankfurt/Offenbach is continiuing to be leading for this technology, we hope to have a postive impact and help promoting this technology to become a standard technology.

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