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Treating advanced prostate cancer with focal therapy

The effective and gentle therapy of prostate cancer with infiltration of the urinary sphincter may soon become more than wishful thinking.

In his newest scientific publication, Prof. Stehling and his medical and scientific team have demonstrated the effective treatment of locally advanced, high-risk prostate cancer with focal therapy.

In this case report, which was published in November 2017 in Wiley's "Clinical Case Reports", they present the feasibility and safety of Electrochemotherapy for treatment of a prostate cancer with infiltration of the urethral sphincter. At this staging and grading, it was likely that the cancer patient would have suffered from incontinence after radical treatments like prostatectomy or radiation therapy. However, the patient chose to get treated with focal therapy.

The results speak for themselves: the patient remained continent and potent, adverse events were low, with the patient being fully recovered shortly after the treatment, and at six months follow-up, no cancer activity could be detected.