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One in five men is affected by prostate cancer

At Vitus Prostate Center we always keep our finger on the pulse of the latest developments, thanks to the close co-operation of our medical doctors and physicists with universities and industry both in Germany and abroad. This is how we managed to establish ourselves as the leaders in NanoKnife®(IRE)-therapy of prostate cancer. Besides our clinical programme, we are active in research and development and, together with our international partners, have introduced a number of important technological advances in the field of electroporation. At Prostate Center patients profit from our comprehensive clinical service, combining personalized counselling, precision diagnostics with state-of-the-art imaging (MRI, CT, PET, US, etc.), laboratory and genetic testing and the most advanced techniques in minimallyinvasive cancer treatments (IRE = NanoKnife®, Electrochemotherapy, IR-ECT, Immunotherapies, etc.).

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Vitus Prostate Online Treatment

Dear Patient,

because of the corona crisis we receive many requests from concerned patients whose prostate surgery has been cancelled because hospitals are preparing for the treatment of corona patients.

Because of this situation, we are now offering online counseling about treatment alternatives for prostate cancer patients, and general aspects of prostate cancer.

If you wish to book an online consultation call us under +49 (0) 69 50 5000 980 or send us an e-mail to One of our staff will call you as soon as possible.

Your VITUS Prostate Center Team