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MRI for a more accurate prostate cancer assessment

This article which was published by the American College of Radiology, explains how Dr. Ross Schwartzberg is pioneering the use of MRI for the assessment of prostate cancer in San Diego.

The main points in the article are:

  • PSA is the established traditional screening method for prostate cancer. We now know that MRI provides a new and better way of assessing prostate cancer risk.
  • Dr. Schwartzberg explains that the use of PSA as the standard traditional screening test for prostate cancer is not very accurate and can lead to over diagnosis. In fact only 25% of men presenting with elevated PSA levels actually have cancer.
  • High PSA levels often lead urologists to recommend a transrectal biopsy. MRI is a far more accurate method of screening for prostate cancer because it looks at the whole prostate with the best quality imaging. “We have evidence that MRI imaging prior to standard random biopsy can identify at least 25% of men who might safely avoid unnecessary biopsies and reduce overtreatment.”
  • Dr. Schwartzberg set up the prostate imaging programme in San Diego. He explains that there is no certification for prostate imaging so experience is the key. He has built up his practice over time and now conducts 4-5 prostate exams per day. He recommends that radiologists shadow an existing prostate imaging programme before starting a new one and he offers to let others follow him.
  • Dr. Schwartzberg collaborates with several urologists in the San Diego area who refer patients to him for prostate MRI’s.
  • Patient care is important to Dr. Schwartzberg and he provides patients with direct access to the MRI information. He likes to sit down with patients, using MRI to get the prostate cancer diagnosis right and to identify the appropriate treatment.

Do you think you are at risk? Get in touch with us for a consultation or an MRI scan and an accurate diagnosis.

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