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How Vitus Prostate Revolutionizes Virtual Real-time Precision Guidance for Prostate Cancer Treatment

The Vitus Prostate Center in Offenbach, Germany accompanies and advises the medical team of the Vitus Prostate Center San Diego in treatments of prostate cancer with Irreversible Electroporation. What makes it so special this time: for the first this happens from afar.

So far, Dr. Stehling and his team, the world-leading experts for IRE treatments of prostate cancer, have traveled to the US for each treatment performed at the Center in San Diego to advise and guide the on-site medical team and share valuable knowledge in hands-on training sessions.

This month, the process was revolutionized for the first time. The team in Germany was able to use a special remote connection, which makes it possible to observe the placement of the electrodes as well as the patient’s ultrasound and MRI data, to accompany and supervise the procedure from Offenbach, Germany.

In the future, the world’s leading experts of IRE of prostate cancer, will be able to offer individualized cancer therapies and ensure optimal intervention for patients from all over the world in real-time.

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