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Our experts are here for you, to help you and guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options.

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Since we have many requests, currently are emails answered unfortunately delayed.
A phone call is possible at any time (0049-69 - 50 - 50- 00 - 965 and 0049- 177- 23 - 82 - 863).

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Strahlenberger Straße 110
63067 Offenbach

Tel: +49 69 50 50 00 965

File Uploads

You don't have to upload all medical files. Just files relating to prostate cancer are enough for us to give you initial feedback.

There are two types of files that are helpful:

1. Digital imaging files from MRI, PET and CT scans: You may find these on CDs which you received from your radiologist after your examination.  
2. Medical reports: For example biopsy reports, most recent blood results (relevant for PSA), reports of previous treatments and radiology reports. You can submit these in digital, scanned or photographic form.

File Uploads

  • Useful instructions (if required) on how to compress files for Mac and Windows below:

    Mac Windows

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: zip, iso, 7z, 7zip, pdf, jpg, Max. file size: 200 MB, Max. files: 5.